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Our Unique Formulation

We keep things simple for you at Science Fitness.  

The recovery fuel you need is down to our 4 active ingredients:

  • Maltodextrin
  • Galactose
  • Hydrolysed Whey Protein
  • Lecuine 

The levels of these ingredients have been optimised by our formulation scientists, to provide the greatest level of glycogen uptake possible, in the shortest time available to keep your recovery is as efficient as possible, so you're back in your trainers in no time.

Maltodextrin & Galactose

These are simply carbohydrates, but they play a huge role in recovering your energy during and after training. Maltodextrin is our high-GI carbohydrate, which breaks down into glucose to give your muscles an immediate energy boost. Galactose on the other hand is a very low-GI carb, taken up by your liver and slowly converting into glucose and glycogen.

This tag-team of carbohydrates is twice as effective at restoring glycogen than the maltodextrin and glucose combo and 16% more effective than the maltodextrin and fructose combination which are a mainstay of the sports nutrition industry.  Time to updgrade your carbs.

Hydrolysed Whey Protein

Digestion of the whey protein in GlycoSource provides amino acids which support glycogen synthesis in liver and muscle, which enables GlycoSource to produce higher rates of muscle glycogen synthesis than carbohydrates could do alone. Protein also plays an important part in muscle, ligament and tendon recovery after exercise.


Leucine is an amino acid found in protein that is highly insulogenic. Essentially, this means that leucine provides a hormonal boost which ensures glycogen synthesis occurs at the required rate in both the liver and the muscle.  Think of it as a catalyst for the other ingredients, but one that also helps repair damaged muscle while it's at it.  Leucine is a true multitasker.

The Result

The combination of Maltodextrin and Galactose are fantastic alone, but when combined with Protein and Leucine in the right dose at the right time they provide you unprecedented energy recovery nutrition.  This balance means we can actually reduce carb content, whilst providing you the same benefits.  Win win.

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