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Understanding Glycogen

Improving endurance and ensuring recovery: it’s all about Glycogen and Glycogen replenishment. High levels of Glycogen in both the muscles and the liver are essential for optimal athletic performance.

Glycogen is your body’s most immediately available source of energy. During times of high energy demand – whether cycling training, a rugby game or 50 lengths in the pool – athletes naturally deplete these reserves. And what happens when we run out of Glycogen? The Wall happens. Fatigue. “I can’t go on”. Sound familiar?

Incredibly, Glycogen levels can reduce by as much as 50% after only 10-20 minutes of exhaustive exercise – and it can only restore at 5% per hour. This means that it can take up to 24 hours or longer for Glycogen levels to fully replenish. For athletes who frequently train and compete, a proven recovery drink that effectively tops up and maintains Glycogen reserves is a major advantage.

Enter GlycoSource.

Intelligent Glycogen Recovery

Science Fitness GlycoSource has been developed and formulated to actively encourage the production of Glycogen in both liver and muscle; Athletes taking GlycoSource will see full replenishment within 4 hours.

If you train daily, or more than once a day, this is where it is particularly important to take a recovery drink to restore Glycogen stores quickly, to avoid impaired performance. GlycoSource provides continual top ups throughout endurance exercise to ensure this happens. Participants in Triathlon, Ironman, Cycling and Swimming events will notice an increased endurance capacity and the ability to recover faster when using GlycoSource as part of their training and competing regime.

Ensure your stores are full by taking a drink before your training, keep your levels topped up during performance and recover your levels afterwards, so you are fresh to go again the next day. No more excuses.


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