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Trusted by Elite Athletes

Safe Nutrition

At Science Fitness, we’re passionate about two things; the science behind our products and the athletes taking them, like you. As such, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure GlycoSource is rigorously tested, proven and safe for athletes of all abilities.

GlycoSource is Informed Sport Approved nutrition, meaning GlycoSource is certified free from all WADA-banned substances. Not only that, but we ensure our products are stripped of unnecessary synthetic additives, sweeteners, colours and flavourings.  We are proud that our ingredients and flavours are natural sourced. 

Check the Informed Sport Accredited List if you are unsure the product you are using is safe.  We have previously been outspoken in the press about how passionate we are at ensuring the nutrition you take is as clean as possible...

At Science Fitness we cannot stress how important it is for athletes to be chosing their products with discretion, and believe that athletes around the world need to be looking for the Informed-Sport logo as their first port of call.  Leaving your career or health in the hands of untested products can be an enormous mistake - the Informed-Sport logo acts as a stamp of quality and assurance

Proven Nutrition

Athletes, coaches and nutritionists know how important it is that that the products you are taking and recommending aren't only safe, but really work to your benefit. How often can you say you know for sure? We say no more second-hand science, buzzwords and fads, crossing fingers and hoping for the best. GlycoSource has the benefit of clinical trials and peer-reviewed, published science behind it.

This trust underlines what we stand for: we are proven and safe, and trusted by elite athletes.


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