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We know GlycoSource works, but don’t take our word for it.  Hear our customer's stories of breaking PBs, overcoming the odds and improving the way they train forever...

Tash Dobson

Tash Dobson, Triathlete (@Tashdobson)

"Training for and competing in triathlon whilst working 45 hour weeks means there isn't much room for getting it wrong! Using Glycosource as a sports nutrition drink enables me to complete multiple training sessions in a day either side of a long day at work knowing that I am giving my body the optimum recovery it needs to maintain performance.
What’s more, the guys at Science Fitness have managed to develop a great tasting product. After finishing a long training session I crave my serving of Mandarin Zest!"


Jo Mitchinson

Jo Mitchinson, Open Water Swimmer (@swimmitch)

"I competed at the Oceanman European Trials at the weekend surpassing all expectations and not only qualifying for the Championships in October in my age group - but also finishing as the 3rd female in the elite race behind two Spanish athletes.
The race was not without drama - 24 degrees, no shade and a storm blowing in that threatened the race taking place. We were then brought from the start to the finish in buses, to compete around an altered, but safer course given the dangerous wind conditions. The delay meant that in total I was direct sunshine for nearly 3 hours.

Throughout this I never doubted my choice of hydration. It is a product I train with daily. I know and trust how my body responds to it and whilst other swimmers were succumbing to dehydration (a number even pulled from the sea once the race started), or switching to water to prevent getting upset stomachs on other energy drinks, I was happily starting bottle number 2.
I have a product with me now that helps rather than hinders and I no longer have to think about!!

Thank you,"


Jonny Chatten

Jonny Chatten, Elite Junior Triathlete (@ChattenJonny)

"I use Glycosource for both training and racing. I have found that it helps give me a lift when I am feeling tired, particularly when I am starting the second session of the day. I use it on the bike when I am racing to give me a boost going into T2.
Most recently I used it to good effect in the Llandudno sea sprint triathlon, where I won the overall by 2 minutes and felt great the whole way around.I really enjoy the taste of ‘Very Berry’ but find that all the flavours are thirst quenching and refreshing."


Fabio Vincenti

Fabio Vincenti, Open Water Swimmer (@fabfabfab84)

"Caribbean crush tastes great, drink it post/during work out. Just started my own business and struggling to find time to eat & sleep, so am drinking it during the day to keep me going!!"


Ian Wroblewski

Ian Wroblewski, Cyclist (@wroblewski07)

"I would like to share my experience from a hard block of training I had done during late Dec and early Jan 2015. I was struggling to get through sessions and hadn't been using Glycosource (was using isotonic drink). My legs weren't responding at all during training. I got straight back onto GlycoSource during rides and used it during day time at work. The next weeks block of training I was able to put the hard efforts in, hit the watts and do the planned sessions.

It really works and helps you recover to put the hard training in."


James Page

James Page, Triathlete (@Ironjedibra)

"I have been using GlycoSource now throughout training and racing and can honestly say it has helped me massively.  Gives me the confidence that I can carry on.  I think I would be mentally lost without it now.  Loving all three flavours and mix it up quite a bit."


Jo Moseley

Jo Moseley, Indoor Rower & Fundraiser (@OneHappyRower)

"I started using Glycosource during my fundraising challenge for Macmillan Cancer Support after setting a goal to row a million metres & a marathon on a Concept 2 ergo. Having not been in a gym for decades (literally!), this was going to be very demanding!

I rowed the million metres over 200 days - averaging 10,000m after work every other day. I feel very sure Glycosource was key to my recovery & kept me on track to achieve my target. I was juggling work, family, fundraising & training and Glycosource gave me the confidence to know that I could keep going.

On 21 December 2013 I rowed a marathon - 5 days before my 50th birthday! With my bottles of Very Berry I felt strong throughout and was even able to chat to supporters who came to cheer me! I had read all sorts of articles about stomach problems with gels & other products. I never had any issue with Glycosource - I always felt fine using it.

Recovery over the next few days after the marathon was smooth. My legs felt good!  I was delighted to be one of only two women in my age group to have rowed the 26.2 miles that season & thrilled to have had GS as part of my big day! Thank you Science Fitness! "

Jo Moseley

Martyn & Jake; Triathletes / Fundraisers @round_britain

"We were lucky enough to have lots of Science Fitness GlycoSource which delivered on all levels. It was refreshing to drink and also gave us the much needed energy to get us through the long days. The added benefit of this product was that it doubled up as a recovery drink. We both used this product extensively throughout training and noticed huge benefits."


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