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GlycoSource is your multifunctional glycogen recovery drink, which can actually taken before, during or after exercise, depending on your needs.  Let's have a look at how GlycoSource can benefit you, depending when you take it...


GlycoSource is a clinically proven energy recovery drink best used after training to restore your body’s energy. It is the perfect ally for intense training regimes, keeping your performances at their best day after day. You should take one to two servings GlycoSource within 30 minutes of the end of your session for the full benefits.


On longer training sessions, or during competition, you can use Glycosource during intense training or competition to provide the constant glow of glycogen your body needs to maintain stamina and perform at its best. Unlike many recovery formulations, GlycoSource mixes up like a sports drink and many have seen great benefits taking it during a race. We recommend one to two servings are taken per hour.


No more carb loading - taking one serving in the 4 hour period before competition to ensure your glycogen levels are at the optimum from the start. Did you know that your brain uses up glycogen when you are asleep? If you take part in morning training, one serving of GlycoSource will recover your glycogen levels to their maximum before you train.

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