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The Importance of Informed Sport Accreditation

There has been a sobering story in the news this week for both sports nutrition companies and athletes alike. An article posted on industry bible Nutra-Ingredients called On the Spike: The curious case of a contaminated sports product debated the implication made by two Welsh athletes, Rhys Williams and Gareth Warburton, that no sports products were safe from contamination after trace amounts of steroids were found in their blood.

The truth is, in this case, there is no way to tell where the contamination came from (and the brand in question maintains it’s innocence) but it does raise the spectre that many sports nutrition brands are putting their athletes at risk by not having their products fully vetted by an accredited, WADA-approved testing agency, such as Informed-Sport.

Amazingly, there are only 250 individual products which have the full approval from Informed Sport, which, when you consider the enormous growth of sports nutrition in recent years, is a vanishingly small amount.

The important question is: why do so few companies make this commitment with their products?  Put simply, it is not an easy process, nor is it cheap.  In fact, the owner of the brand in question made the point that registering individual products was too expensive, so it simply was not done.

Science Fitness GlycoSource is Informed Sport Accredited

At Science Fitness, we believe that our customers – whatever their level – are not only worth this expense, but that they should be demanding it.  GlycoSource was designed for the needs of elite athletes, so we, as a company, are obliged to offer the full peace of mind that the products are strictly audited on a regular basis and free from all banned substances.

If Williams and Warburton think that no sports products can be trusted, they should pay attention to the facts.  As pointed out in the Nutra-Ingredients article, “No Informed-Sport supplement has ever been linked to a doping infraction since its inception in 2008.”  Sounds conclusive to us.  The truth is, it is about making informed choices when putting your career and your performance in someone else’s hands.

At Science Fitness, we know our runners and riders wouldn’t dream of cutting corners and we believe they should expect the same of us, full stop.

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