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The Importance of Energy Recovery

To go the distance you have to be in peak condition. You need to break through the wall time and time again. You want to stick to your schedule with no unexpected breaks in training.

Speeding up the recovery process after a session allows you to perform consistently, reaching the zenith of your fitness faster.

It is crucial to help your body recover the energy stores lost when training. The most important thing you can do after a session is provide the building blocks for it to do this. GlycoSource is made from a unique combination of high and low GI carbohydrates with whey protein and leucine, a formula proven to be 30% more effective at replenishing the energy store glycogen than carbohydrates alone.

What is glycogen?

Glycogen is the storage form of glucose found in the muscles and liver, used to power movement. Protein repairs muscle after exercise but your body needs carbohydrates to create glycogen.   It’s lack of glycogen that makes you feel like you have hit the wall.

When we ingest carbohydrates they are broken down into glucose. When glucose enters the blood stream insulin levels rise, creating the perfect condition for your body to restore glycogen in the liver and muscles. Restoring liver glycogen is particularly important as it can slowly drip feed glycogen to the muscles, giving a more rounded recovery. Muscle cells are most sensitive to insulin for up to 2 hours after exercise, so for effective energy recovery you need to consume carbohydrates immediately after training.

Effective energy recovery

Our studies have shown that combining a simple sugar known as galactose with maltodextrin is twice as effective at synthesising glycogen than maltodextrin and glucose, the combination found in many other recovery drinks and gels. Studies have also shown galactose activates glycogen synthesis 15% more effectively than fructose, suggesting galactose supports energy recovery more effectively than other carbohydrate combinations commonly used in sports products. GlycoSource, using the maltodextrin-galactose combination, replenishes muscles and liver glycogen effectively, the first product proven to do both.

By adding whey protein and leucine our researchers found the product to be even more effective than when taking the carbohydrate mix alone. This addition allows us to reduce the carbohydrate intake by 44%, which means your body retains less water and you have less weight to carry round when training.

Why does this matter?

The simple fact is if you don’t consume the right carbohydrates in the right dose your recovery will be limited. Low glycogen levels mean less energy when you next train, putting your performance in jeopardy.

GlycoSource efficiently and effectively restores glycogen levels, so you will be back on form faster than ever before. No interruptions to your training means you can train harder and more regularly, consistently performing at the best of your ability.


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