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Spain joins the Informed-Sport bandwagon

In exciting news for Spanish athletes, Spain's National Anti-Doping Organisation (AEPSAD) has supported the expansion of LGC's anti-doping programme Informed-Sport.

Inadverent doping is a huge issue in sport no matter where you are in the world, and that more counties are adopting Informed-Sport accreditation is brilliant news.  Informed-Sport carries out thorough testing of every single batch of their accredited products to ensure they are drug and contanimant free.  Choosing products with their accreditation is the only way of ensuring that the products you are taking are 100% safe.

At Science Fitness we cannot stress how important it is for athletes to be chosing their products with discretion, and believe that athletes around the world need to be looking for the Informed-Sport logo as their first port of call.  Leaving your career or health in the hands of untested products can be an enormous mistake - the Informed-Sport logo acts as a stamp of quality and assurance.

Make sure you are covered and make sure your supplements are on the list of Informed-Sport approved products in the UK here:

Read more about the agreement between LGC and AEPSAD

Watch the below video by LGC which provides more information on managing the risk of doping in professional sport.


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