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ROUND BRITAIN STAGE1: Cycling 2200 miles round England

Meet Martyn & Jake.

Richard Phillips

James McCormack

These two normal guys have set themselves the challenge of cycling, running and swimming round Britain in an epic triathlon. The main reason for this mammoth challenge is to raise money for Cancer Research UK and Diabetes UK. The other reason being that they are both experienced endurance athletes who have completed ultra marathons and iron man distance triathlons and are now wanting another challenge which will push them to their limit both physically and mentally.

Martyn and Jake have recently completed the first stage of the triathlon which was the 2200 Mile Cycle around England. They completed this stage over 2 weeks cycling between 14-17 hours a day. They used GlycoSource both during and after their rides to help refuel and recover.

Here's what they had to say about GlycoSource:

“We were lucky enough to have lots of Science Fitness GlycoSource which delivered on all levels. It was refreshing to drink and also gave us the much needed energy to get us through the long days. The added benefit of this product was that it doubled up as a recovery drink. We both used this product extensively throughout training and noticed huge benefits."

 Check out their blog to read their report of the challenge…Click Here.

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