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Just a short update on The Brutal events Triple Iron.  I finished in 2nd place and it was awesome!  Used GlycoSource for the whole race, definitely made a difference and fuelled me massively in the run.  I got quicker and quicker.  

Between 19th and 21st September I took part in Brutal Events continuous Triple Iron Triathlon in Snowdonia National Park. I swam 7.2 miles, cycled 348 miles and ran 78 miles which took 58hours and 21minutes and finished in 2nd place.  Throughout the race I slept for 30 minutes on the bike and 45 minutes in between going up Snowdon and finishing off the 65 miles of running around Lake Padarn.

Richard Phillips

James McCormack

The race was indeed Brutal and lived up to its name. It all went to plan (of sorts), the swim was brutally cold and took me a good 45 minutes to stop shaking. The bike was long, started in the day Saturday, I rode overnight falling asleep on the bike which forced a short power nap and then into Sunday where the weather took a turn for the worse. The temperature dropped and the winds picked up. I finished just as the sun was setting.

After some pizza and bacon rolls I headed up to the summit of Snowdon in the night in the rain and wind. At the medic point at 3/4 way up the race organisers ordered us back down the mountain as it was deemed unsafe to reach the summit. Apparently it was now -7 on the summit with gales, rain and fog. I headed down off the summit and had to complete an out and back run to make up the lost Snowdon mileage. After a short sleep I cracked out the 13 lake laps eventually running myself into 2nd place to finish.

13 competitors started, only 9 finished with the last competitor finishing in just under 72 hours.

It was an amazing experience with some amazing competitors, the organisers, marshals and support was first class.

Fundraising up to £3675 (not including gift aid) which will be shared between the three charities.

I have written a full race report if you wish to read what I went through on the link below.

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