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GlycoSource makes a BRUTAL Impact

Read Gary Roethenbaugh's honest and downright awesome review of GlycoSource via the Triathlon Business website during his participation at The Brutal in Wales.

After an amazing launch at the London Triathlon, followed by the British Championships at Liverpool, GlycoSource has been tried by 1000's of athletes from all levels of age and ability. People are now starting to have their say, giving us their own personal experiences and we love it.

Gary put the drink through its paces during an event know as The Brutal this September in Wales. Gary signs off the review with a nod to the fact that GlycoSource could have been the contributing factor in his top ten finish. Well we can only agree with that Gary, and heres to a top 5 at the next race when you get that extra bottle into your system!

Read the full review here


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