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Provides Energy During a Match:

A rugby match consists of many periods of high intensity exercise. During these periods the body requires a quick source of energy to meet the demands of this high intensity. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy during a rugby match because they are the most efficient fuel source as they can provide energy quickly.  The only problem being that even when the bodies’ glycogen stores (storage form of carbohydrate) are maximised they can only fuel between 60-90 minutes of exercise. Consequently towards the end of an 80 minute rugby match these stores will be reaching low levels and this will affect performance. GlycoSource is a great source of fast absorbing carbohydrates which will replace the carbohydrates burned off during a match. Drinking GlycoSource at half time or during stoppages in play will therefore prevent glycogen stores becoming depleted and allow a high level of performance to be maintained.

Aids Post-match recovery:

The physicality and high energy demands of a rugby match result in low glycogen stores and it can take a few days to recover after playing. This isn’t ideal when you need to train again during the days following. GlycoSource can help reduce recovery time and prepare the body for the weeks training. Unlike other recovery products on the market Glycosource isn’t just simply packed with carbohydrates. Instead it contains a mixture of carbohydrates, hydrolysed whey protein and amino acids (leucine). This combination has been scientifically proven to recover glycogen stores 30% more effectively than carbohydrate alone and therefore prepares the body for the next match/training session.

Helps Prevent Muscle Break down:

Following a rugby match not only are glycogen stores depleted, the body is likely to be in a catabolic state meaning that the body is breaking down muscle tissue for energy. This is a big concern for rugby players who work extremely hard in the gym to increase their muscle mass in order to improve their performance. GlycoSource can help tackle this problem with the carbohydrate content supplying an alternative energy source to the protein found in the muscles. In addition the hydrolysed whey protein and amino acids also help prevent muscle breakdown and rebuild any muscle that is lost.


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