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Fats and Sugars - Are they Friends or Enemies?

One minute we are being told fats are bad, low fat (and quite often high sugar) is the way forward, the next minute the roles are reversed and we should be having butter with every meal. Our nutritionist Nazli has been hard at work over the past few weeks, digging into the myths and current confusions regarding fats and sugars and you can read here full article in more detail here.

The realities are very different, its everything in moderation. Yet its understandable with the level of contradiction out there, that people dont know who to believe. Nazli has created an easy to read article that offers advice, alongside research from a number of leading European and Wordwide organisations to try and bring some sense of order to the debate.

Just follow this link to read the full article and then let us know on Facebook and twitter what you think.

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