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ROUND BRITAIN STAGE1: Cycling 2200 miles round England

Meet Martyn & Jake. These two normal guys have set themselves the challenge of cycling, running and swimming round Britain in an epic triathlon.

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ITU World Chamionships 2015, Chicago

ITU World Triathlon Grand Final, Chicago 2015 This weekend (18th – 20th September 2015) sees the 2015 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final and World Championships take place in Chicago USA. The start lists for the Mens and Womens elite races are made up of 150 of the world’s top Olympic distance triathletes.

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Introducing the latest member of the family - #GlycoVan

We are proud to introduce the newest member of our GlycoSource family - welcome to the world GlycoVan. Loaded up and ready to deliver Science Fitness goodness far and wide, look out for GlycoVan on a road or at an event near you! GlycoVan will be making its first official public appearance at the Science Fitness Skipton Cycle Races, held in Skipton town centre on the 2nd July 2015.

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Cycling Blogs - Our Top 5

We love reading about cycling. Whether it is about the elites and pros, or just the day to day getting from A to B, cycling is in our blood at Science Fitness.

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The Importance of Energy Recovery

To go the distance you have to be in peak condition. You need to break through the wall time and time again.

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Are you getting enough carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates supply our bodies with glucose to create glycogen and maximise endurance when we train. During exercise your body relies on glycogen stores to keep your blood sugar stable and maintain energy.

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The Toughest Footrace on Earth?

One of the highlights for Science Fitness this year was spending time with endurance sport guru Simon Ward at the Triathlon Expo. Simon, taking time out of his epic preparations for the Marathon Des Sables, gave a brilliantly entertaining and educational seminar at the Triathlon Stage on the Saturday afternoon, speaking about the Three Critical Factors for a Killer Triathlon Season, and if you missed it, you missed out.

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The Importance of Informed Sport Accreditation

There has been a sobering story in the news this week for both sports nutrition companies and athletes alike. An article posted on industry bible Nutra-Ingredients called On the Spike: The curious case of a contaminated sports product debated the implication made by two Welsh athletes, Rhys Williams and Gareth Warburton, that no sports products were safe from contamination after trace amounts of steroids were found in their blood.

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Can we have a drum roll please! And The Winner Is...

Daniel Grant! A huge congratulations goes to Daniel, the winner of our bespoke multisport coaching programme for an event of his choice and a selection of Science Fitness Sports Nutrition worth over £600 in total. We spoke to Daniel earlier this week and he is absolutely made up with the prize.

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