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Are you getting enough carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates supply our bodies with glucose to create glycogen and maximise endurance when we train. During exercise your body relies on glycogen stores to keep your blood sugar stable and maintain energy. If you don’t have enough you may not be able to sustain activity and find yourself hitting the wall.

When you exercise your body uses its glycogen stores first. When these run out it searches for alternative sources to create glucose in a process called gluconeogenesis, but this process takes longer so is less effective. To give your body the building blocks it needs to train effectively and recover efficiently it’s vital to make sure you are consuming enough carbohydrates.

Can I just eat loads of pasta?

Many athletes struggle to consume the correct amount of carbohydrates they need to properly fuel their training. The truth is it’s just hard to eat the requisite carbohydrates and calories through solid food.

If you weigh 70kg and train 7 hours a week you need a minimum 420g carbohydrates a day. A 75g portion of whole wheat pasta only contains 46g carbohydrates so you would need to eat 9 bowls to get the requisite amount in your system. This doesn’t stop athletes from trying to carb load before performing.

But it’s more complicated than shovelling down as much pasta as you can possibly eat. Not only are solids bulkier and take longer to digest, the reaction used to utilise carbohydrates for energy produces water molecules. Each carbohydrate molecule bonds to four water molecules, so you will be lugging around your meal and excess water, leaving you bloated and affecting your performance.

What’s the answer?

GlycoSource has been designed to deliver efficient energy recovery benefits by providing the necessary carbohydrates. The addition of synergetic ingredients has allowed us to reduce the carbohydrate content of the drink by 44%, so you can absorb carbohydrates more efficiently. This reduction makes GlycoSource easier and more refreshing to drink than many carbohydrate-heavy drinks and gels.  

The unique formula boosts performance at every stage of your training. It provides you with all the benefits of consuming the necessary carbohydrates with none of the drawbacks. With no bloat and more energy you will be able to consistently put in a strong performance. Providing your body with the carbohydrates it needs to replenish depleted glycogen levels will allow you to recover faster and train without interruption, reaching peak condition in record time.

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