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All in Good Taste

This month, Team Science Fitness has been on tour and thousands of you got to sample the taste of GlycoSource for the very first time.  Suffice to say, we were incredibly excited, if not a little nervous – at Science Fitness, we are supremely proud of our flavours, but the litmus test is you, our customers.  How would you like the taste of our daring new recovery product?

We are proud of the taste because, unlike many sports products, you will find no artificial flavours in Science Fitness, no artificial sweeteners, nor colours or preservatives.  


We use natural flavourings only and our sweetener is naturally sourced from the Stevia plant and that’s it – no thickeners, emulsifiers or flavour enhancers in sight (unless you count the tiny pinch of salt in each serving).  We keep GlycoSource as natural as possible because of you; you train mean and you want to recover clean.  Who wants to drink Xanthan Gum?  If that wasn't enough, we're even coloured with Beetroot and Carrot.  Well, in for a penny...


As we sampled our three exciting flavours for the first time, our nerves soon turned to relief and into delight.  Many of you noticed with a cheerful surprise that our drinks are not as sweet as many of the products on the market.  This because of our optimal carbohydrate level.  Thoroughly researched by the sports science folks at Leeds Carnegie Institute for Sport, has meant we can reduce total carb consumption by 44% whilst maintaining our wonderful recovery benefits.  We also know it's what turns many of you off the thick saccharine gloop of an enegy gel.  Less carbs, less sweet, more palatable recovery nutrition.

Very Berry was called “zingy”, Mandarin Zest was “like a zippy orange squash”, but our favourite piece of feedback was reserved for Caribbean Crush:

“This tastes like Um Bongo!”

What a compliment, Caribbean Crush literally crushing it by reminding our customers of the tropical juice drinks of their youth.  It was even tweeted about and Um Bongo themselves even got in on the act

Great tasting, naturally sourced and scientifically proven sports nutrition – with a nostalgic twist!

The only downside was trying to get the song below out of our head all weekend... We apologise in advance…

Team Science Fitness 

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