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About Kyran...

"I’m Kyran. Have been involved in triathlon for around 14 years, Former junior squad athlete, now age group racing. Currently a level 2 British Triathlon coach."

What is your biggest sporting achievement?

"My biggest sporting achievements are coming 8th in the British Junior Championships and 2nd in the Junior Scottish Standard distance championships "

What is your favourite food?

"It has to be Pizza!"

What song gets you in the mood for a race?

"Music is a big part of my training, helps with motivation on those long cycles/runs. I listen to a variety of music, but house music is normally my race day choice."

What is your favourite GlycoSource Flavour?

"Has to be Caribbean Crush."

What are your future goals?

"Training focus is now on the longer races. Half ironman distance/ironman age Group Qualification."


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