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About Jon...

"I’ve always had an on/off relationship with sports throughout my life, running as a kid, then mountain biking in my teens (at a sponsored level in the early 90s), then life hits you and the sport was for keeping fit alongside my family and running a business."

"My current foray in running came about after a charity 10km for my kids’ school, I think it was about 1h05m from memory in 2012. I let the headmaster beat me and that 10km soon grew to 10 miles, a half marathon, coastal full marathon (28 miles) until I found out about ultra-running. That was it for me, I’d caught the bug and the urge to push myself to the next level. 44miles, 110km, with the final goal being The Oner, a triple marathon along the Jurassic Coast, which I successful completed in 2014 and 2015, and I’m daft enough to return to in 2016."

What is your biggest sporting achievement?

"Completing my first and only 100 miler, the Cotswold Way Centuary, in 2014, which is 102 miles from Chipping Camden to Bath. The idea of running 100 miles fascinated me and I just had to get it out of my system. This year I have 2 booked, including a return to this race."

What is your favourite food?

"Pretty much anything I can shove down my throat! Banana smoothies with peanut butter and chia seeds are a current fave at work."

What song gets you in the mood for a race?

"I rarely run with music and am over-cautious with the radio when driving to run somewhere - I’m easily infected by an ear worm, nothing worse than Justin Bieber stuck in your head for no reason!! When I’m on may treadmill I’ll treat myself to to some drum and bass to smash out a hard interval session."

What is your favourite GlycoSource Flavour?

"Caribbean Crush - nuff said!"

What are your future goals?

"This year I got into UTMB - Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, 104 miles around Mont Blanc with 10,000m of total elevation gain - I’ve earned my place on the start-line, in trail running it doesn’t get much better than that, I’m going to get to the finish-line too!

4 weeks later I hope to do the Cotswold Way in under 24hrs.

2017, I’m thinking chill, but there are some amazing challenges out there….?"


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