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About Ian...

"I’m Ian, 41 years old, married beautiful wife and two girls. I race for Lutterworth cycle centre race team, competing in road races and time trials at various distances from 10 miles upto 65/70miles. "

What is your biggest sporting achievement?

"4th overall Junior Time trail BBAR 1992. 15th Junior tour of ashdown 1992. 2nd Duo Normand 2up team time trial 2006. Non licence category Setting my current 25 and 50mile time trial PB in 2011."

What is your favourite food?

"Curry-Chicken kahrai, Mexican-Chicken Enchilada’s. Wine gums."

What song gets you in the mood for a race?

"I’m a 90’s kid so was into House music (Haceinda-Manchester). Anything by Marc Kinchen (MK)."

What is your favourite GlycoSource Flavour?

"Definately Caribbean crush!"

What are your future goals?

"Start 2016 season with the same form I had from Aug 2015 and build on that. Aim for some top 10 placing in road races and time trial PB."


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