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How GlycoSource Works

Science Fitness® GlycoSource® has been designed to actively encourage the synthesis of glycogen in both liver and muscle, an internal process that is vital to performance and especially to recovery after exhaustative exercise.

As athletes train or compete, they naturally deplete their reserves of glycogen. When there’s almost no glycogen left, fatigue sets in and athletes risk hitting the dreaded “wall”.

Glycogen can reduce by as much as 50% after only 10-20 minutes of exhaustive exercise, and restores slowly at around 5% per hour. This means that it can take 20 hours or longer for glycogen levels to fully replenish. For endurance athletes who frequently train and compete, finding nutrition that effectively tops up and maintains these glycogen reserves is a major advantage.

There are already a number of carbohydrate-based supplements on the market that claim to do just this. However, these products are based on the same generic principle of ingesting carbohydrate at regular intervals (or ‘carb-loading’), and lack clinical evidence of their efficacy. It has been proven that there is a limit to the amount of assistance carbohydrate can provide, just ingesting more carbohydrate will not work.


Science Fitness GlycoSource has been developed and formulated to actively encourage the production of glycogen in both liver and muscle. In times of high energy demand and use, glycogen stores are broken down and used for energy and motion (such as running or cycling)

High muscle and liver glycogen levels are essential for optimal athletic performance. After serious exercise the complete restoration of muscle glycogen can take up to 24 hours depending on degree of depletion and carbohydrate intake. Athletes who take the GLYCOSOURCE formula will see full replenishment within at least 4 hours !

For athletes who train more than once a day it is particularly important to replenish the glycogen stores as quickly as possible to avoid performance being impaired. The single most important aspect of nutrition for athletes is to maintain energy during training and competition. This means that adequate calorie input must match that lost during exercise but crucially to ensure the reserves of glycogen are replenished in both muscle and liver. GlycoSource can provide continual top ups throughout endurance exercise to ensure this happens.

The production of glycogen is dependent on several factors:

1) The amount already stored in the body

2) The dose and type of carbohydrates supplied by nutrition and diet

3) The effect of other nutrients such as protein and crucially, the timing of intake in relation to exercise.

So whilst there may be a number of effective ways to restore your body’s glycogen ONLY GlycoSource can fulfil all of these aspects.

It is also crucial for optimum recovery that the replenishment of glycogen starts with GlycoSource immediately post exercise. GlycoSource has a combination of carbohydrates, proteins and specific amino acids that provide a “Synergistic Boost” of insulin levels which in turn stimulates the production of Glycogen and replenishes Glycogen levels.

GlycoSource has been clinically proven to employ the fastest and most effective way to restore the body to full competitive capacity. The unique formulation has been clinically trialled and along with a proven mix of scientific evidence and a specific combination of ingredients to deliver enhanced performance.

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