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Recovery Benefits

Science Fitness GlycoSource delivers extraordinary, scientifically proven recovery benefits that will revolutionise the way you train and compete forever, allowing you the ability to train continuously and compete at your optimum throughout the year.

30% More Effective Energy Recovery

We all know recovery is important, especially if you are training day in, day out.  It is a major drain on your energy and in particular, on your glycogen reserves – your body’s main source of energy during training and competing.

Recovering this energy quickly after exhaustive exercise is crucial to maintaining your performance throughout the year – if your energy isn’t fully recovered, your performances will suffer.  GlycoSource will recover your body’s reserves of glycogen in less than 4 hours. You’re ready to go again, with the tank full up... In fact GlycoSource has been proven to aid glycogen recovery 30% more effectively on average than taking carbohydrates alone.

Our unique formulation also contains an optimised balance of amino acids and premium quality hydrolysed whey protein, which work with the carbohydrates to provide all around recovery support.

GlycoSource is the only commercially available energy recovery drink that has been clinically proven to increase your glycogen stores in both muscles and the liver – crucial for total body recovery.  In short, you'll be taking the most scientifically ratified sports nutrition drink in the UK.

Reduced Carb Loading

GlycoSource has been specifically formulated to deliver you amazing recovery benefits using a lower dose of carbohydrates.  Simply put, many modern energy gels and drinks overload the carbs. There are only so many carbs your body can absorb in an hour and more does not equal better. Too many and your body will go through glycolysis, rejecting the carbohydrates, causing discomfort, ot to mention the extra weight effecting your performance.

Our reduced carbohydrate formulation means that it’s easy to drink and light on the stomach. No more stitch, no more bloating, no more sickly-sweet taste.

This means you can also recovery your energy during .  Take a look at our Guide To Using GlycoSource to discover more about how you can use it to get the best out of your performances.


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