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Science Fitness is passionate about endurance.  Whether you’re a scrum half, an elite long distance runner or a 5 times Ironman finisher, we’re all about getting you through it and helping you recover for your next session.

Our Team

Our small team (dedicated health and fitness nuts all) based out of our Skipton HQ are driven to delivering the promise that Science Fitness offers.  We put our customers first and are always on hand to answer any queries you might have.  You can read about our team here and deep dive into our Nutritionist and Dietician’s profiles (just so you’re sure you’re in safe hands). 

We’re the guys you’ll see at events or speak to on the phone, who’ll send you emails and give you bespoke nutritional advice.  We are Team Science Fitness.  Lovely to meet you.


Our first and flagship product, GlycoSource was the brainchild of the Carnegie Faculty of Leeds Beckett University.  Driven to create a sports nutrition formulation that would outperform the same old recovery gels and drinks, the results were GlycoSource – scientifically proven to work, safe for elite athletes and actually, for all our scientific bluster, rather natural.  It’s Science Fitness’ pride and joy (and hey, it works in the field too – check our testimonials page, if the clinical trials don’t sway you).

Our Community

At the heart of everything we do is our wonderful Ambassadors, those brave few who signed up and got on board with Science Fitness at the beginning.  We love to shout about what they do, because they’re the ones splashing through puddles and hauling themselves over hills day after day.  Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to hear their stories – they might help keep you #motivated.

What’s Next?

The future for Science Fitness is bright, as we look to bring the latest advances in endurance nutrition.  We’re constantly looking for the latest advances in the field to keep our customers up to speed – quite literally.  Keep your eyes peeled on our dedicated blog The Wall for any and all updates.

See you at the finish line.

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